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Professor Robert Hill

1st Degree Black Belt

Professor Robert started training 10 years ago when Gracie Barra America first opened in Orange County. He has been able to train and develop his Brazilian Jiu jitsu skills to a very high level under the close supervision of Master Carlos Gracie Jr., Professor Marcio Feitosa, Professor Andre Fernandes, and Professor Marco Joca; as well as many other very talented Gracie Barra black belts.

Prof. Robert discovered his love of teaching the art as a blue belt when he began assisting in teaching the children’s classes. With Prof. Robert’s assistance as well as other instructors, what started as a handful of children soon grew to become the Gracie Barra “Little Champs” program that we know today. Since then Robert has had the privilege to refine his teaching skills over the years by teaching at other Gracie Barra Academies.

Professor Robert is also a certified IBJJF Referee and has been involved in numerous tournaments, including the Pan American and Worlds, as a competitor, a referee and administrative staff. In opening Gracie Barra Glendale, Prof. Robert seeks not only to pass along the same Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he was taught and keep true to the sport, but to help spread the message of Gracie Barra and the positive lifestyle changes it brings with it to as many people as possible.


Professor Amanda

Black Belt

Amanda was first introduced to Gracie Barra and BJJ through her husband Professor Robert. Amanda began training in February 2008; and, like many people, she started BJJ simply looking to lose some weight and get fit. Nothing could have prepared her for the dramatic and positive influence Gracie Barra has had on her life. Amanda is also an accomplished competitor, read more about her tournaments here.

Through teaching BJJ at Gracie Barra Glendale Amanda seeks to share the knowledge of the world-class professors she has had the pleasure of learning from. She also seeks to coach and guide students to fulfill their potential both on and off the mats. Amanda’s teaching repertoire extends beyond BJJ as she has also worked with children with special needs for several years and has earned her Masters in Teaching at USC.


feature story:  marvin mangahis at the gracie barra brazilian jiu jitsu studio in glendale.

feature story: marvin mangahis at the gracie barra brazilian jiu jitsu studio in glendale.

Coach Marvin

Brown Belt

Marvin is a father of three and was first introduced to Gracie Barra in August 2010. With it’s philosophy and discipline, Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu has become a positive influence in Marvin’s life. He has formed lasting bonds with students of the Gracie Barra Glendale Academy and does look to them as family. Marvin believes Jiu-Jitsu can be a positive life changer for everybody young & old, big & small. His daughter & son also train and now his wife. With the guidance and training of Professor Robert, Marvin has competed and metaled in competitions and his son, Glendale’s first Little Champ to compete and medal.

Marvin enjoys assisting Professor Robert by coaching both Little Champs groups. He hopes to instill confidence & joy into each child training Jiu-Jitsu. Marvin is a registered pediatric nurse, currently working at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.



Coach Cody

Brown Belt

Cody found the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in 2010 and has been practicing it diligently ever since.

Over the past 4 years, he has competed and placed in multiple competitions under the training and guidance of Professor Robert. After being promoted to blue belt, Cody began assisting the Little Champs program. He enjoys working with children and loves to share his passion of Jiu-jitsu through teaching and helping them develop their skills.

After working in the Themed Entertainment Industry for the past 20 years, Cody realized that his real passion lay in Health and Fitness. He is now pursuing his Personal Training Certification at the Southern California Health institute where he is the Vice President of the Honors Program. Currently he is certified in Youth and Senior Fitness as well as Fitness Nutrition with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Cody’s hobbies include Art, calisthenics, and learning.



Coach Luis

Coach Luis

Purple Belt

Luis found the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in March of 2013, after an extensive search and a great desire to return to a martial art he joined Gracie Barra Glendale and has been practicing it persistently ever since.

After completing the Gracie Barra instructor certification, he started to teach the Little Champs and coach the Junior classes.

Over the past year and a half he has competed and placed in multiple competitions. Gracie Barra has shown him a new way of life. The way he thinks and lives his life has changed drastically since he started training. He has learned to never give up no matter how hard the obstacle in front of you is. He inspires to keep working under professor Robert and ultimately get his black belt and continue teaching and competing in the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


About Us

We have been here in Glendale since June of 2010, and have been growing stronger ever since! Our school was established to provide the highest level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction by giving students a safe, progress-oriented learning environment. Following the teaching methods of Master Carlos Gracie jr. we are able to offer a precise program structure for all levels; whether you are a beginner or experienced martial artist. We provide a clean, safe, friendly, family oriented environment that allows our students to improve upon their BJJ skills set while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the techniques that were developed by the Gracie family.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been tested and proven as an efficient, effective “real-world” system of self-defense, both through amazing successes in the Ultimate Fighting championship as well as in the introduction of ground grappling into the training regimen of nearly every major martial art worldwide.

You too can benefit from the BJJ lifestyle, contact us to schedule your free intro class and start learning the most in demand martial arts in the United States.

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